Russian Language Undergraduate Studies

Travel information
BA will no longer book group flights.There are further details in the Travel to Russia document, which you can download by clicking on the link on the left.
Please note that if you have booked accommodation and arrive on the agreed flight, or can be at the airport to meet the agreed flight, you will be met and  taken free of charge to your accommodation. Otherwise, you can contact one of the RLUS representatives to arrange for a taxi to meet you. You will have to pay for this. If your course is not in Moscow or St Petersburg, you will have to make your own way there at your own expense.
For all courses, except Kazan, you will also be taken back to the airport if you are on the group flight. If you have changed the return date of your group flight, you will have to make your own way to the airport at your own expense.
Please note that in December, students in Yaroslavl and Tver  will have a train ticket purchased for them to Moscow. They will have to make their own way to the airport from the train station at their own expense. This is because road transport is subject to serious delays due to bad weather and students have in the past missed their flight.
There is information in the files on the left about arriving on your own at airports in Moscow or St Petersburg, the Russian train system and how to make your own way to the RLUS provincial centres. 
Russian trains
Travel to the provinces