Russian Language Undergraduate Studies


You are advised to consult your health centre to find out what vaccinations are recommended before you travel to Russia. Make sure that you do this well before you travel, as some vaccinations need to be done well in advance to be effective. You can also find information on the internet by following the links on the left. Please note that RLUS is not qualified to give you medical advice.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, please check with your university that you are fit to attend the course.

When purchasing insurance, you must inform the insurance company of your medical condition. If you fail to to do, your insurance will be invalid and you may be asked to leave Russia before the end of your course.

Please make sure that you bring any medication with you, as RLUS cannot guarantee its availability in Russia. You are strongly advised to let RLUS know of any medical condition that may affect your studies in Russia. Such information will be passed on in confidence to the student representatives and to the course director.

If you are taking prescription medicines with you, there are new rules. Please read the link on the left for further information.


Taking prescription medication to Russia